ESL Conversation Topic: Stress


What does stress mean to you?

What is stress?

What are some examples of things that are stressful in life?

What causes you stress?

How can stress be both positive and negative?

What are some ways people deal with stress?

How do you usually cope with stress?

What are some unhealthy ways to relieve stress?

What are some complications of stress?

What are the healthiest ways to handle stress?

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

Let’s look at a video about academic stress in Korea.

What is your level of academic stress?

Which is more stressful high school or university? Why?

If you could change the Korean education system, how would you change it?

Let’s look at a video by the BBC about how to manage stress.

What is the purpose of stress and how has it changed in the 21st century?

What 7 tips does the BBC give for managing stress?

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