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Hi, I’m Trey. I have been helping English language learners improve their English and gain confidence since 2005.

I specialize in helping university students learn ‘real’ English and gain confidence speaking English.

As a language coach, I help diagnose why your English may not be improving.
Are mindset issues holding you back?
Are you using ineffective strategies?
Do you lack practice or feedback?


  • It’s pronounced app-oh-ven.
  • The name Apoven combines the first two letters of applied, overseas, and English.

My Experience

  • M.Ed. (TESOL)
  • Licensed teacher
  • 13+ years teaching English in South Korea
  • 19 years teaching English to speakers of other languages

My Teaching Style

  • Mindset coaching
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increase communication
  • Learning can be fun
  • Learning should be meaningful
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“Growth happens outside your comfort zone, so it is necessary to push past your fears.
If fear and worry are holding you back from advancing, it’s time for a shift in mindset.
Small, regular actions lead to steady improvement.”

– Trey

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What Students Say About Trey

The majority of my students over the past thirteen plus years have been Korean. You can scroll past the Korea for the English translations, care of Google Translate.

To translate to another language, highlight, right click, copy, and paste into Google Translate or your translation app of choice. Or, of course, you can just use the camera on your app of choice.

저는 영어로 대화하는 것을 두려워했고, 오랜 공부를 해야만 시도할 수 있는 대단한 것으로만 생각해왔습니다. 그런데 이수업을 들으면서 간단한 영어 대화를 이어나갈 수 있는 형식이나 유용한 단어, 문장들을 배우고 나니, 이제는 영어로도 사람과 자연스럽게 대화할 수 있겠다는 생각이 듭니다. 그리고 좋았던 점은 교수님이 알려주 시는 내용들이 우리가 흔히 아는 한국에서 고착화된 어떤 오래된 지식들이 아니라 외국에서 곧잘 쓰는 현실적이고 실용적이어서 회화에 바로 써먹을 수 있는 기술들이라는 점이었습니다.
또, 그것을 교수님 이 전달해주시는 방식은 ‘오랫동안 고민해오셨구나’라고 생각할 정도로 효율적이고 체계적인 방식으로 이루어졌습니다. 교수님은 영어로 말씀하시지만 학생들이 알아들을 수 있도록 최대한 느리게 말씀하시고 쉬운 단어들로 전환하려는 노력을 많이 하셨기에 잘 따라갈 수 있었습니다.
사실 이 수업 자체는 여러 명이 모여서 ‘소통해야 하고’, 또한 ‘영어로 대화’해야 하기 때문에 두려움이 생길 수밖에 없었습니다. 하지만 교수님은 그 과정을 쉽게 만드는 능력이 있으십니다. 학생을 잘 독려해주시고 잘 칭찬해주셔서 저는 그런 수업의 방식과 과정에서 어색함이나 힘듦을 전혀 느낄 수 없었습니다.
항상 잘 해내고 있다는 생각 이 들어 긍정적인 생각이 많이 늘었습니다. 저는 이 수업에서 영어로 대화하는 간단한 방식과 함께 삶을 개선할 수 있는 여러 긍정적인 효과를 얻어갔다고 생각합니다. 교수님의 다른 수업도 수강하고 싶다는 생 각이 많이 들었습니다.

이 수업 진짜 너무너무 좋아요. 모든 사람들에게 추천해주고 싶은 강의입니다!
교수님이 학생 한명 한명의 이름을 외우려고 노력하시고 모두가 참여할 수 있도록 분위기를 조성해주시며 학생 모두에게 관
심을 가져주십니다.
ISFJ인 저는 소심해서 말을 잘 못함에도 불구하고 내가 직접 먼저 말해보고 싶은 수업은 이 수업이 처음이었습니다.
수업의 목표가 학생들의 스트레스를 줄여주시는 것이라는 말을 듣고 감동받았습니다. 교수님은 한국의 고정관념에 얽매이지
않는 참된 교수십니다.

트레이 트리플 교수님 덕분에 문법에 상관없이 영어 말하기에 자신감을 붙일 수 있게 되었어요 ! 처음에는 부담스럽고 어려운 수업인줄 알았으나 요즘에는 놀러간다는 마음가지고 수업에 가고 있습니다. 너무 즐거워 요 월요일 1교시였지만 이 수업이라 매번 출석할 수 있었습니다 ! 최고에요

사려 깊고 학생들을 위하는 수업인 게 너무 잘 느껴지는 한 학기였습니다. 부담이 많이 안 느껴지도록 해주 셔서 즐겁게 수업 진행할 수 있었고 일방적으로 듣는 수업이 아니라 학생들이 주체를 이루는 수업이라 많은 것을 배워갈 수 있었던 것 같습니다. 말하기 능력과 자신감도 많이 오른 것 같습니다.

나의 원어 수업을 트리플 교수님과 함께 할 수 있어 정말 영광이었고, 행운이었다. 점점 커갈수록 영어에 대한 두려움이 생 겼는데, 교수님 수업 덕분에 영어에 대한 두려움이 많이 사라졌다. 그리고 교수님이 항상 적절한 피드백도 주시고 적극적으
로 도와주셔서 매 수업시간이 즐거웠다. 다른 학우들도 트리플 교수님의 수업을 꼭 들었으면 좋겠다.

학생들의 의견수렴도 너무 좋고 같은 강의 듣는 학우들과의 대화를 통해서 용기도 얻고 친밀감도 얻게 된 시간이었던 것 같다. 처음에는 영어에 자신이 없어서 많이 어려웠었는데 어려운게 보이시면 더 도와주려고 하시고 대화를 이끌어나가주시려고 하는 모습이 너무 감사했다.

English Translations

I was afraid of conversing in English and thought of it as something great that could only be attempted after a long period of study. However, after taking this class and learning useful words and sentences to carry out simple English conversations, I feel like I can now naturally converse with people in English. And the good thing was that the things the professor taught were not old knowledge that was entrenched in Korea that we commonly know, but realistic and practical skills that are often used in foreign countries and that could be used immediately in conversation.
Also, the way the professor delivered it was so efficient and systematic that I thought, ‘You must have been thinking about it for a long time.’ The professor spoke in English, but he spoke as slowly as possible so that the students could understand, and he made a lot of effort to switch to easy words, so he was able to follow along well.
In fact, in this class itself, I couldn’t help but feel fear because many people had to gather together and ‘communicate’ and ‘converse in English.’ But the professor has the ability to make the process easy. The students were well encouraged and praised well, so I did not feel awkward or difficult at all in the method and process of the class.
I always felt like I was doing well, so my positive thoughts increased a lot. I believe that I gained many positive effects from this class that can improve my life along with the simple way to communicate in English. I really wanted to take your other classes as well.

Thanks to Professor Trey Treeful, I was able to gain confidence in speaking English regardless of grammar! At first, I thought it was a burdensome and difficult class, but these days, I go to class with the mindset of having fun. I’m so happy. It was 1st period on Monday, but because of this class, I was able to attend every time! It’s the best

It was a semester where I really felt that the class was thoughtful and caring for the students. I was able to enjoy the class because they didn’t make me feel too pressured, and I think I was able to learn a lot because it was a class where the students took control rather than a one-sided class. I think my speaking skills and confidence have improved a lot.

I was truly honored and fortunate to be able to take my original language class with Professor Treeful. As I grew older, I developed a fear of English, but thanks to the professor’s class, my fear of English disappeared a lot. And the professor always gives appropriate feedback and is proactive.
Every class was enjoyable thanks to your help. I hope other students will also take Professor Treeful’s classes.

I really really like this class. This is a course I would recommend to everyone!
The professor makes an effort to memorize each student’s name, creates an atmosphere so that everyone can participate, and provides guidance to all students.
He gives you heart.
As an ISFJ, I am timid and am not good at speaking, but this class was the first one where I wanted to speak in person.
I was moved to hear that the goal of the class was to reduce students’ stress. The professor is not bound by Korean stereotypes.
You are a true professor.

It was great to hear the students’ opinions, and I think it was a time when I gained courage and intimacy through conversations with fellow students taking the same course. At first, it was very difficult because I wasn’t confident in English, but I was very grateful that they were more willing to help and lead the conversation when they found something difficult.

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