Helping Learners Understand Spoken English

Snack Attack Lesson Plan

Snack Attack is one of my students’ favorite short films to discuss. Because it is a short film with no dialogue, students have no trouble understanding what is happening.

It’s a great film to use with both beginners and advanced students. Beginners can use it to practice thinking in English. More advanced students can discuss more abstract concepts like judging a book by its cover, bias, assumptions, stereotyping, and intergenerational conflict.


There are many different ways to use Snack Attack to work on grammar while practicing thinking in English. Students can practice:

Watch Snack Attack by Eduardo Verastegui on YouTube.

Snack Attack Vocabulary

All of the vocabulary words below are related to Snack Attack. Working with words in context like this will help students remember them more easily.

Objects: vending machine, cookies, bag (purse), newspaper, bench, train, headphones, glasses, head scarf, stairs, hole puncher, window shade, wrapper, container, trash can

Feelings: happiness (happy) anger (angry), frustration (frustrated), amusement, surprise, regret

Actions: attack, put, hit, kick, run, get, laugh, sit, open, read, take, brush off, tap, yell, listen to, smile, text, grab, nod, shake, frown, tug, break, raise, give, eat, swallow, point, squeeze, smash, crunch, crumble, throw, walk away, leave, climb, get on, sit, close, punch, discover, find, realize, look, get up, throw away

Words to describe actions: forcefully, angrily, happily, playfully, kindly

Snack Attack Discussion Questions

These questions about Snack Attack progress from easy to more difficult.

  1. Who are the characters? Describe them.
  2. Where are they?
  3. What are they doing?
  4. Why is the old lady angry?
  5. What is the source of the conflict in the story?
  6. Why do you think the young man remains silent?
  7. How does the old lady realize her mistake?
  8. What do you think the old lady is thinking and feeling at end of the story?
  9. How could this story have had a different outcome?
  10. What’s the main message of the film?