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Do you have a question about English? Are you studying English by yourself and wish you had someone you could ask?

One of my favorite aspects of teaching English is answering students’ questions. I love questions! They show that students are curious and eager to learn.

As a language learner myself, I understand the value of having a fluent speaker of my target language answer a question that I have about something I am learning.

If you are studying English and have a question, I’m here to help. It could be a question about pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, culture, something you’re reading, or anything else you are confused about or want to learn more about.

English can be a very confusing language. I’m here to help you make sense of it.

to make sense of something: to understand something

Basic Question Format

If you are unsure about how to ask, here are some basic formats you can use:

For pronunciation: How do you pronounce_______________?

For grammar: Can you explain when to use ‘would’? or When do you use the present perfect tense?

For vocabulary: What does _____________ mean? What are some common collocations of _________________? What’s the difference between ____________ and _____________?

For culture: Why do Americans _______________?

For resources: Can you send me some good resources related to _________________?

Question Box

There are two ways you can ask me a question.

One is by recording your question. To record a question, you can send me a personal voice message using SpeakPipe. Here is the link: Send a voice message to Apoven English. It is free to use.

The second way to ask me a question is through a Ko-fi commission.

If you would like to join my mailing list, you can sign up here.

Featured Questions

If your question is a good one that other learners can benefit from or requires an extensive answer, I might write a post about it or make a YouTube video about it, like this one I did for one of my subscribers. I’m always looking for new things to post about that can help English language learners.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Never stop learning!
~ Trey

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