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Learn English by Watching TV: Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 12

Young Sheldon actor Iain Armitage
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Yes, that Sheldon!

Young Sheldon is an American comedy television series. The name Sheldon might sound familiar to you from The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory. In Young Sheldon, fans of Sheldon Cooper are taken back in time to Sheldon’s youth.

Learn English by Watching TV

Watching TV shows is an excellent way to improve your English. I have met many non-native English speakers with excellent English who have never left their own country. When I ask them how they learned to speak English so well, they always say that they watched a lot of American or British TV shows.

What are the benefits of watching TV?

You can:

  • hear real English and learn how people actually use it
  • hear and see grammar structures in use
  • learn new vocabulary, expressions, and idioms in context
  • improve listening and pronunciation skills
  • improve speaking skills
  • learn about culture

Let’s start!

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Previously, this lesson included a YouTube video clip. However, this clip has been removed from YouTube, so you’ll need access to Episode 12 of Season 1 of Young Sheldon in order to see and hear the dialogue.

Young Sheldon, Season 1 – Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 12

Young Sheldon is an American television comedy series. It is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper is a super smart 9-year-old living in Texas with his family. He goes to the same high school as his older brother, who struggles in school. Their father is a football coach at their high school. Their mother is a devout Christian. Their grandmother (mother’s mother) lives across the street.

Characters: Sheldon, Memaw (grandmother), Mary (mom), George Sr. (dad), Georgie (older brother), and Missy (Sheldon’s twin sister)

Watch this clip at least 3 times:

  • Watch and try to understand.
  • Watch and note any unfamiliar words or phrases.
  • Play the clip again. Listen and try to complete the cloze below.
  • Read the script, check your answers, and watch again (CC will give you inaccurate subtitles for this clip).
  • Re-watch to improve your listening skills
    • Pay attention to tone and the rhythm of the language

Situation: Sheldon’s mom and dad are having an argument. His mom is staying at her mother’s house.

In this portion of the episode, Georgie and Sheldon are talking in the hallway at school.

*Note: Unfortunately, this video clip has been removed from YouTube and is no longer available. Thus, you’ll need access to Season 1, Episode 12 to hear the dialogue. If you are interested in purchasing the complete first season of Young Sheldon you can find it on iTunes

Cloze: Listen and try to fill in the blanks.

Georgie: Hey. I hope you’re happy.

Sheldon: Thank you Georgie, that’s very kind.

Georgie: Mom and dad are fighting because you ___________  _____ get a stupid computer.

Sheldon: _________  _________ you ______________ about?

Georgie: Mom wanted to buy it for you, dad said they couldn’t _______________ it, Memaw offered to pay for it, now I’m _______________ pineapple spears for lunch. I hate ____________ my own lunch.

Sheldon: I’m sorry Georgie. I didn’t know.

Georgie: Yeah, well now you do. ___________  _________  _________ get?

Sheldon: A turkey sandwich mom cut in the shape of a heart, a fruit cup, a brownie, and a note from Memaw saying how much she loves me. I haven’t read it yet, but ______  _________ it’s a lot.

Georgie: I don’t even have a can opener!


  1. What misunderstanding happens in this scene? What causes the misunderstanding?
  2. Why is Georgie upset?
  3. What does “I bet” mean in Sheldon’s last line?
  4. What do you think the outcome of the episode will be?


afford: have enough money to pay for something

I bet: I’m sure something is true.

Never stop learning.