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Movie Vocabulary and Sample Conversation


8 Useful Vocabulary Words Related to Movies

Like many other things, movie vocabulary includes special words that you might not learn or use in other situations. Here are 8 terms that are used when talking about movies.

flashback: a scene that goes back to events in the past

flash-forward: a scene from the future

premiere: first public showing of a play or movie

sell out: if tickets are all sold out, there are no more available

sequel: a movie that continues the story of an earlier movie (also applies to books)

soundtrack: music that goes with a movie

special effects: visual illusions created through computer graphics, make-up,  camera work, or props

spoiler: information about things that happen in a movie (or book, etc.) that ruin the surprise or suspense for someone who hasn’t seen (or read) it yet

Sample Conversation with Some Movie Vocabulary in Context

The conversation below is about the Avengers movie Infinity War. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers! You’ll see 2 movie vocabulary words used in context. You’ll also see how conversation skills such as rejoinders, follow-up questions, and tag questions are used. Follow the links to learn more about each of those skills.

Two friends, Jin and Min are talking about the newly released Avengers movie. Their friend Hyo Mi joins the conversation. 

Jin: Hey Min, how’s it going?

Min: Not bad, you?

Jin: Pretty good. Hey, did you see the new Avengers movie?

Min: Not yet, but I’m planning to see it tomorrow.

Jin: Cool. I saw it yesterday.

Min: Oh yeah? How was it? (Rejoinder and follow-up question)

Jin: I liked it! There are some funny lines and Thanos…

Min: Stop! That’s enough. Don’t tell me anything else!

Jin: You’re the one who asked how it was.

Min: Yeah, on second thought, let’s talk about it after I see it. I’m looking forward to the special effects. (On second thought is used when someone has changed their mind or opinion.)

Hyo Mi joins her friends

Hyo Mi: Hey guys, whatcha talkin’ about? (Whatcha is a relaxed pronunciation of What are you.)

Jin: You haven’t seen the new Avengers movie yet, have you? (Tag question)

Hyo Mi: Not yet, but I really want to! I heard it’s super action-packed!

Min: I sure hope so! It is an action movie after all.

Hyo Mi: Yeah, but this one is supposed to be really intense. I heard it’s playing at the Sungshin CGV. I’m planning to go tomorrow with Hae Bin and Hyun woo.

Jin: I saw it there yesterday. You should get tickets in advance before they sell out.

Hyo Mi: Good idea. I’ll get on that soon.  Min, you wanna join? (Get on is a phrasal verb that means do in this situation.)

Min: Sounds good. Text me later. I gotta run. I’m supposed to be meeting Sun at the library. (Gotta is the relaxed pronunciation of got to, which means have to and got to run is a phrase we use when we need to leave.)

Hyo Mi: Okay, I’ll text you later.

Min: See you later.

Jin: I have to go too. Good luck on your math test. See you later.

Hyo Mi: Thanks, see ya.

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