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Far from it

Far from it is used for saying that what was just said is not at all true and the opposite is probably true. Using far from it adds emphasis to what you are saying.

We can also use the similar phrase far from. We use far from when we want to say that something is very different from being something and that the opposite is likely to be true.

As you will see in the examples below, it is often used in a negative sense to say that something falls short of a desired outcome or way of being.

fall short: fail to meet an expectation or standard


  • We are far from done with this project.
  • He is far from being a competent employee.
  • That statement is far from the truth.

We can also use far from literally to say that someone or something is a great distance from somewhere. When we use it this way, it is common to put away in the middle of the phrase.

  • We are far from home.
  • We are still very far away from our destination.
  • He lives off the grid far away from society.
  • The university is far from any restaurants or stores. Unfortunately, it is not conveniently located.

Examples of far from it in context 

Learning vocabulary in context is important. By seeing examples of phrases in use, you also learn how to use what you are learning.

Example 1

A: I think team x is going to do very well this season.

B: Far from it. They lost their best players in a trade last week. I don’t think they will do well at all without those players.

Example 2

A: Are you almost finished with the report? 

B: Far from it. I still have about two more days worth of work to do on it before it is ready to be submitted.

Example 3

A: Is she lazy? 

B: Far from it. She works night and day. She goes to school full time in the evenings while working to pay for it during the day and on weekends. She’s just really tired and needs a break. 

Synonyms and similar phrases

  • not
  • hardly
  • scarcely
  • a far cry
  • not at all
  • no where near
  • a long way from
  • not at all the case
  • very different from being

Hear phrases in context

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