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Resources for Learning English Online

Are you looking for ways to study English online?

It can be challenging for learners to find quality online English learning resources.

I’ve created this comprehensive list of resources to help you learn English online.

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  1. Twitter accounts for English language learners
  2. Courses and E-Books
  3. Videos
  4. Answers to questions
  5. Listening resources/podcasts
  6. Reading resources
  7. Grammar and reference books
  8. Writing resources
  9. Websites
  10. Mailing list for updates and additional free resources

Twitter Accounts to Follow

The best bite-sized input can be found on Twitter.

There is an amazing variety of free online English learning resources on Twitter.

If you aren’t on Twitter already, I definitely recommend joining and following English language teachers and other learners.

Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

  1. English Guru – This is my Twitter account. I post idioms, vocabulary, and other useful English that I use or encounter in everyday life.
  2. Purland Training – Matt has a TON of content and gives away more free PDF resources than anyone I know.
  3. Idiom Connection – One of my very favorite Twitter accounts. The formatting and style/images are right up my alley! ❤
  4. EOI Teacher – Tweets lots of great idioms and useful vocabulary and expressions. I like his clear, simple style.
  5. Javi López – Javi is super engaging with quizzes, vocabulary, and more!
  6. Idiom Land – The name says it all, doesn’t it?
  7. Woodward English – Excellent grammar and vocabulary charts and more.
  8. Funky English Study! – A taste of British English!
  9. The YUNiversity – I like their style and their vision. They focus on grammar and vocabulary.
  10. Pincy Cat – The Most Wonderful Cat Twitter Account Ever!!! Pincy is a true wordsmith and has an astounding vocabulary. You’re sure to increase your grasp of English by following Pincy’s word of the day tweets.
Pincy cat English learning resources on Twitter

Recommended Courses and E-books

I only recommend trusted resources. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at NO extra cost to you.
You can read my Affiliate Disclosure page for more information.

If you are looking for an affordable English course, I recommend Espresso English by Shayna.

Shayna has many great courses and e-books at great prices.

Whether you are looking for vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, phrasal verbs, business English, current events, or idioms and slang, Espresso English has a course or e-book to help you.

Which Espresso English course or e-book is best for me? will take you to 2 simple questions to guide you to the best resource for you. There are plenty of free samples to try out as well!

Or, if you are looking for a comprehensive program, check out the complete Espresso English program which gives you a 50% discount. It includes a ton of material.

Here’s what one student has to say about it:

I have bought the complete Espresso English program and all I can say is that I’m loving it! The method used  is truly great and it has been working well for me so far. Courses are easy to understand, well-detailed and perfectly explained along with exercises or quizzes you can send to Shayna for being corrected and getting feedback afterwards. So, if you feel like improving or sharpening your English level, Espresso is there for you – it’s actually a masterpiece; go for it without any hesitation.

~ Andrianina from France

Video English Learning Resources

Watching videos is a great way to get more input. 

Input is a crucial part of language learning!

  1. Watch Emma’s video on learning to think in English for excellent advice and practical tips you can apply to any language you are learning. She explains a 4-step strategy for how to learn to think in English. She has a lovely British accent, and the subtitles will help if you can’t understand. She speaks very clearly, so it should be a breeze (be very easy)!
  2. Although Why You Can’t Just “Remember” Korean Words by Jeremy at Motivate Korea is a video about Korean words, his advice applies to any language. It’s related to learning vocabulary, forgetting, and remembering. It reminds me of how I finally found a way to remember how to say I’m hungry in Korean. 배고파 sounds like beg oppa, as in, I’m hungry, please give me some food oppa!
  3. Short video clips for fun and improving English lists 15 recommended clips with short descriptions to help you decide if you’d like to watch them.
  4. American and British TV shows I recommend lists 16 shows with short descriptions to help you decide what to watch.
  5. YouTube videos to hear natural spoken English lists 10 choices with short descriptions.
  6. All my video posts in one place includes some lessons I have created based on videos. These include vocabulary, discussion questions, and more.
  7. Watch Ted Talks. Many have subtitles and transcripts in over 50 languages! Here is a Ted Talk about goals. It includes discussion questions and is designed as a conversation lesson plan to be used by teachers. 
  8. Try English Central for free videos with lots of learning tools. You can choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced videos. Available on iTunes: Learn English with Videos! – EnglishCentral, Inc

Get Feedback and Answers to Your Questions

Join HiNative to get free feedback and answers to you questions. Members answer questions and you can even get help with your pronunciation for free on HiNative.

English Listening Resources

Listening to podcasts is a great way to get regular input.

  1. FYI: For Your Inglés: A weekly high quality English podcast by Alberto Alonso
  2. Voice of America and Voice of America Issues in the News
  3. The English We Speak by the BBC  Available on iTunes: The English We Speak – BBC Radio 
  4. Culips (high quality listening resources on a variety of topic) Available on iTunes Culips English Podcast.
  5. Exploring Language (357 five-minute MP3 files by VOA) Each includes a transcript you can read along with as you listen. You can also slow down or speed up the audio.
  6. NPR (National Public Radio) is an authentic (created for native speakers) resource with podcasts on a variety of interesting topics that include transcripts. This is particularly good for advanced learners.
  7. Espresso English’s listening course is my recommendation if you are looking for an affordable, structured, online course. It’s just $45 for 45 lessons and like all Espresso English courses, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Here’s what a student has to say about Espresso English’s listening course: 

I’m doing the Listening Course and I truly appreciate it. The way the course is conceived makes you learn effectively – it’s not passive listening. It’s active, interesting and fun.

I like the variety of topics, different voices and ways of speaking. The extra vocabulary of the lessons clarifies just what I need to know. I’m seeing real results. When I watch a video on the internet or a movie on the TV I find myself able to understand that expression or phrase because I learned it in my lessons.

And wow, it’s satisfying! The more you understand the more you enjoy. That makes me willing to keep going and learn more, and confident that I’ll improve further.

~ Vesna from Switzerland

Reading Resources

When reading to improve your English, aim for understanding 80% for the best results. This is ideal as you will be reinforcing what you already know while adding some new vocabulary without being overwhelmed. This keeps motivation high.

The internet is full of free resources like Reading Skills Practice by the British Council.

You can also check out Espresso English’s new reading course.

Grammar and Reference Books

Here are two of my favorite resources for English grammar and learning. 

Practical English Usage is my number one resource for explanations and examples of common problem areas. It has never failed to provide useful answers to my questions in a clear way. It is organized in a very user friendly manner.

Understanding and Using English Grammar is my favorite text for intermediate to advanced language learners. It works extremely well as a classroom text and has communicative and interactive activities. If you plan to use it on your own, be sure you get the one with the Answer Key.

English Writing Resource

An excellent English learning resource for writers of all levels: Purdue Online Writing Lab

English Language Websites Resources

Ginseng English’s Blog resources: This online English school has some really great free resources on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I especially like their recent posts on cat and dog idioms.

Funky English: I just love this website. Simple, clear, meme style idioms, slang, British culture, and more.

Ready to learn more?

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*I hope you enjoy the recommendations and resources! Most lead to free content, but if you decide to make a purchase via one of the affiliate links, you’ll be supporting the work I do here on Making Sense of English. It’s just little ole’ me here, one person working hard to help you!

Never stop learning!

– Trey