Resources include some of my favorite videos and apps for learning English.

Watch this video for some excellent advice and practical tips from Emma. She’ll give you a 4 step strategy for how to learn to think in English. She has a lovely British accent, and the subtitles will help if you can’t understand. She speaks very clearly, so it should be a breeze!

The next video is by Jeremy at Motivate Korea. Although his advice is for people who are learning Korean, it applies to any language. It’s related to learning vocabulary, forgetting and remembering. It makes me think about how I finally found a way to remember how to say I’m hungry in Korean. 배고파 sounds like beg oppa, as in, “I’m hungry, please give me some food oppa!” For those learning Korean, check out the meaning of oppa and other terms on 90 Day Korean.

If you are looking for an American TV series to watch, try The Big Bang Theory. Here’s a brief clip from the latest season, featuring Bill Gates. It’s great listening practice.

Available on iTunes: The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 – The Big Bang Theory

More suggestions to come!

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