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Do you know any jokes in English? There are many different types of jokes. As a language teacher, my favorite kind of jokes are puns. Puns involve wordplay. They often play with words that sound alike, but have different meanings. They can also play with words that have multiple meanings.

Let’s start with a common type of joke that involves a pun. The form of the joke is question and answer. A very common way to make this type of joke is using wordplay.

Here is an example about engineers:

Q: What do electrical engineers like for breakfast?

A: Ohmlets.

This joke uses the meaning of two similar sounding words and combines them into one, mixing the pronunciation.

To understand this joke, you need to know the following:

An omelette is a style of eggs that is common for breakfast.

An ohm (Ω) is a measure of electrical resistance named after Georg Simon Ohm, the man who discovered this relationship, known as Ohm’s Law.

Get it?

Here is the joke with both the person telling it (A) and the person being told (B). The first two lines are optional.

(A: Do you want to hear a joke?)

(B: Sure.)

A: What do electrical engineers eat for breakfast?

B: I don’t know, what?

A: Ohmlets

B: Ha ha…



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