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Idioms and Common English Expressions

Learning English idioms and expressions is a great way to increase your vocabulary. If you want to speak English fluently or understand spoken English, learning common expressions and idioms will help. Below are several timeless expressions to get you started.

Expression 1

to miss out on something: to lose the chance or opportunity to do or experience something

Example sentences

  • Don’t miss out on the Black Friday deals!
  • You’ve never been to Burger Park? You are missing out! 🍔

Expression 2

to be under the weather: to feel slightly ill or to be suffering from a hangover

Example sentences

  • I hate to miss out on the party, but I’m feeling under the weather.
  • He’s looking under the weather.

Expression 3

to be meaning to do something: to intend to do something

If you intend to do something, it means you plan to do it.

Example sentences

  • I’ve been meaning to call you.
  • I’ve been meaning to tell you about this new show I’ve been watching.
  • I’ve been meaning to write a new blog post, but lately it’s one thing after another

A Few More Expressions

It’s one thing after another: there are a series of problems or difficulties

If it’s not one thing, it’s another: multiple stressful things are happening one after the other

When it rains, it pours: when something good or bad happens, similarly good or bad things tend to follow

If you are eager for more idioms, head to my Idiom Archives. Learning idioms and common expressions is a great way to take your English to the next level.

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