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Idiom: Hang in there! 화이팅!

화이팅! Hang in there! is a great translation for *some uses of Fighting! (화이팅!) In case you don’t already know this, Fighting! is Konglish. It is not used by native English speakers…unless they are super cool and learned […]

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Real English: That doesn’t ring a bell.

Real English, spoken by native speakers, is very idiomatic. There are many expressions we use every day that don’t make sense, even if you understand each word. It can be very confusing! Hang […]

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Cross-Cultural Communication: Terms Defined

How does culture affect language and communication? Language and culture are closely connected. For effective cross-cultural communication, it’s important to learn about, and understand, how language and culture are connected and the ways […]

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10 Ways to Say Goodbye in English

There are many ways to say goodbye in English. While bye and goodbye are well-known and used throughout the world, native English speakers often use other expressions when saying goodbye. In fact, goodbye […]

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Short Simple Natural Follow-up Questions

An Introduction to Short Simple Natural Follow-up Questions (SSNQs) In addition to reactions, follow-up questions are an important part of a conversation in English. What I’m about to share with you is something […]

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Cross-Cultural Communication

Crossing the Cultural Divide One of my passions is cross-cultural communication. As a language teacher, it is something that I think about on a daily basis. Language is deeply affected by culture in […]