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How to Ask Follow-up Questions

Follow-up Questions: The Glue that Holds Conversations Together A conversation in English consists of a few basic parts. To begin a conversation you need to either make a statement or ask a question. […]

Baby Talk

Listening Practice: 4 Steps to Fluency

Practice Listening to Understand Native Speakers Do you struggle to understand native English speakers? Improving your ability to understand spoken English takes practice. As babies we spend about 2 years listening to our […]

300+ English Idioms in 30 Days course

Idioms: The end is in sight vs. No end in sight

Meaning and Use The end is in sight means that something will soon be ending.  Usually, it means something difficult will soon be over or a difficult goal will soon be accomplished. We can use it […]

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Idiom: Hang in there! 화이팅!

화이팅! Hang in there! is a great translation for *some uses of Fighting! (화이팅!) In case you don’t already know this, Fighting! is Konglish. It is not used by native English speakers…unless they are super cool and learned […]


Conversation Topic and Videos: Stress

Contents This post contains several options for discussing and dealing with stress. They include: 10 questions for discussion that can be used in conversation classes or to practice English on your own or […]