Dating and Love Vocabulary, Idioms and Expressions

Dating Vocabulary and Expressions Learning vocabulary in context increases your ability to remember words. Learning words in context will help you remember them better than memorizing random lists of words. Those lists of TOEIC […]

Idioms and Common English Expressions

Learning English expressions is a great way to increase your vocabulary. If you want to speak English like a native speaker or understand native spoken English, there are many common expressions and idioms […]

Hamburgers on a grill

Going Beyond Delicious: Edible Expressions

Food: It’s Delicious! People love eating. Food is a part of everyone’s life. We eat to survive and give our bodies the energy it needs. We eat to socialize and to celebrate, and […]

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How to Ask Better Follow-up Questions

Sentence Frames to Create Follow-up Questions In How to Ask Interesting Questions, I explained 3 types of questions you can use to begin a conversation. Now, let’s look at 5 ways to ask more […]

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How to Ask Critical Thinking Questions

Moving Beyond the Basics When your English reaches a certain level (If you can read and understanding this sentence, you are at the right level!), you can begin to improve your conversation skills […]

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How to Ask Follow-up Questions

Follow-up Questions: The Glue that Holds Conversations Together A conversation in English consists of a few basic parts. To begin a conversation you need to either make a statement or ask a question. […]

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Listening Practice: 4 Steps to Fluency

Practice Listening to Understand Native Speakers Do you struggle to understand native English speakers? Improving your ability to understand spoken English takes practice. As babies we spend about 2 years listening to our […]