Helping Learners Understand Spoken English

Hi, I’m Trey.

I help intermediate and advanced English learners speak English with confidence.

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I help English learners

  • Understand spoken English
  • Gain confidence speaking English
  • Master conversation skills

My greatest joy in teaching is the transformation that I see as students gain confidence and the ability to understand and communicate in English.

What You’ll Learn With Me

  • Essential conversation skills
  • The difference between written and spoken English
  • How to understand ‘fast’ English

Key Learning Material

How I Teach

I teach language in context and in chunks. Learning vocabulary and words in isolation is not the way to learn. With chunks, you can begin using what you learn right away without worrying that you are not doing it correctly.

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Many learners wonder why they understand their teachers but not other English speakers. The reason is that your teachers simplify their speech and make it easy for you to understand. That’s a good thing, but it doesn’t help you understand real spoken English.

Learn more about Trey.

I teach you ‘real’ English. Spoken English is very different from written English because spoken English includes:

Get the Spoken English Reduction Guide

This audio guide includes two audio files: a Spoken English Reduction Guide with 30 sentences spoken using reduced speech to help you increase your understanding of spoken English and the audio file for the blog post Relaxed Speech: Listening Practice to Help You Understand English

Get My E-Book

350+ Common English Expressions for Everyday Life

From greetings and essential polite expressions to expressing agreement and disagreement, this book provides 25 pages of expressions divided into 18 categories of examples (with 42 subcategories) along with notes and explanations to help you understand levels of formality, common mistakes, more advanced vocabulary, tone, and other culturally relevant information.

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Online Courses

If you are looking for an online English course you can trust and take at your own pace, I recommend my affiliate Shayna at Espresso English. You’ll find a variety of courses and E-books at affordable prices.

There are plenty of free samples to try out, but if you do make a purchase, I may receive a commission for referring you. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. I only recommend courses I trust.

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